Can’t Touch


Some roommates can make living together pure torture. Tyson Graham has never been more tormented in his life than when he started living with Sean Cabot. It’s not because Sean refuses to wash dishes or leaves dirty underwear in unmentionable places, oh no. It’s because besides being blond, blue-eyed, and twinktastic, Sean lives to follow Tyson’s every order. He would do anything to make Tyson happy.

Bending Sean over a variety of surfaces would make Tyson ecstatic, but he refuses to even hint to Sean that that’s what he wants. Tyson is maintaining strict self-control because 1) he doesn’t want to mess Sean’s willingness to do whatever Tyson wants; 2) Sean is straight. But when Tyson finds out Sean’s arrow might be more of a boomerang, will he be able to keep his hands to himself?


Can’t Touch by Chara Croft is a masterpiece of smut and fluff and I am here for it. Croft differentiates between the disparate voices of Tyson and Sean with beautiful clarity and witty hilarity. Their individual voices highlight the power dynamics of their relationship for a sharp contrast that makes their chemistry even more delicious.

I really liked the way Tyson self-identifies as a selfish, bossy dudebro that mostly thinks with his dick, but doesn’t imply it’s because he’s an “alpha male” or “real man” or anything like that. That’s his personality because that’s his personality, not because he’s a man and that’s how men should behave. The descriptions of his developing feelings for Sean had me literally laughing out loud.

Sean was a sweet little cinnamon roll and I definitely empathized with Tyson’s urges to wrap him up and protect him from everything bad in the world. Yet, as Sean grows more confident in his relationship with Tyson, he finds his own strength which allows him to make a difficult decision for himself. The end result has a direct and extremely positive impact on his emotional health. I appreciated that both Tyson and Sean acknowledged that Tyson could be supportive, but Sean had to decide on his own to do what needed to be done and follow through.

There were descriptions of abusive relationships both from Tyson’s perspective and Sean’s. Personally, I didn’t think they were very explicit, but it’s not a trigger for me, so be warned.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars! The sex was hot, the fluff was cute, and there was just enough hinting at deep emotions to round it all out. It was a fun and satisfying read.

This book is available on KindleUnlimited. If you read it, let me know what you think. Is there anything you liked that I didn’t mention? Is there anything you think I should have mentioned? I’d love to talk about a good book with a new reader.

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