Hire Me

I am available for hire!

Honest Book Review – $20

A 500 word book review for your novel posted on my website and other social media, along with any sites you prefer. You may see the review beforehand. If you do not like it, payment will not be necessary, but neither will the review be posted.

Editing/Beta Reading

I will edit or beta read your short story, novella, or novel. $100 flat rate for 6,000 words or less. $20 more dollars for every 1,000 words after that. Services include correction of grammar and punctuation, consistent characterization, character development, plot development, flow and coherence of the story, engaging dialogue, and accurate descriptions.


I will create a piece of writing for you. All rights will be reserved to me, the author. Payment for ownership of the rights to the writing may be discussed, but is not guaranteed.

Poem – $15

Blog Post/Article – $20

Short Story – $30