Good morning, J-birds! It’s 9:22 a.m. on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 and I’m listening to Her by eery. I actually don’t know this artist. I just put on a lo-fi hip hop playlist I found on Spotify. I’m trying to shift my writing music over to something I can tune out more easily. I tend to listen to my own playlists and then I get completely distracted by songs. Which reminds me that I there was a playlist for my last post that I wanted to put up, and forgot to do. Just the songs that were playing while I was writing the post. Maybe I’ll find time to do it today.

You’d think with the ‘Rona lurking around, and everyone locked in their homes, I’d have more than enough time to finish everything on my to-do list. But remember what I said about sustained effort? It’s only a matter of time, J-birds, before this too falls by the wayside. (I honestly wish I could do emojis on my computer. The impulse is strong.) Anyway, despite being at home all day, I still find myself struggling to be productive. My bed beckons me and my lonely mouth calls to the extra snacks I bought in preparation of our lock-down.

Not to mention, I recently downloaded some games to my phone and of course became immediately obsessed with them. Those things are time-snatchers if I’ve ever seen one. And really, it’s the sense of accomplishment that gets you. The feeling that you’re progressing and you’ve won something. It’s wildly psychological and I wonder if anyone’s done studies on it because I would be fascinated to see the results. Even knowing how it works, I still find myself being tugged toward completing another level.

So that’s one time-waster. And then I also just struggle with motivation in general. Yesterday morning, I went through my whole routine, cleaned the bathroom, made lunch, cleaned the kitchen, and then was done for the day. I stopped moving for just a second and my brain was like, “Alright, let’s pack it in.” Then, I just watched Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Prime for the rest of the night.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy I managed to accomplish the cleaning I wanted to finish. I just wish I had also been able to work on some writing. I’m quite late on a deadline, and I was hoping to finish by Friday, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen even if I write all day today and tomorrow. Which probably isn’t going to happen. I’ve been struggling recently to write for more than and hour or so at a time. Well, when it comes to my ghostwriting job, anyway. The restrictions on what I have to write limit my imagination quite a bit. I understand that some people like pure fluff, but I’ve always been a bit more fond of overcoming adversity against all odds.

I should be using this time to work on my own novel/s, so maybe I can self-publish while everyone is locked inside and devouring any media they can find. Maybe a booklet of poems or some short stories. That way I can really stretch my creative muscles.

I’ve been trying this new thing where instead of constantly analyzing my massive to-do list, I pick three things to finish a day. Yesterday was 2/3, and I managed to celebrate myself for doing that much. Hopefully, I can manage to complete all three things today. Wish me luck, J-birds!

Love and good vibes,


P.S.: What are you all doing to stave off boredom in this time of isolation? Answer in the comments!

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