About me…

This is going to be an entirely new and kind of terrifying experience for me. I’ve never had a blog before, or been very open about my writing. It’s taken me years to fully admit that a career as an author is what I want, and a little longer than that to decide I should get off my butt and actually pursue it.

It’s been a dozen years since I first started trying to write down my own stories. I’d like to think I’ve gotten better at it over time. I’d also like to think that my stories are worth reading. Moderate success as a fanfiction author has indicated that I’m not terrible, at the very least. Now I want to put more effort into creating original work, and actually getting published and paid.

This blog is probably going to be a mishmash of things, because I’m a mishmash of things. I’m interested in a lot of different art forms, and I like to express myself in a lot of different ways. The main goal, though, is to start a platform from which I can launch a novel. With the way I am, it might take years. Hopefully, this will help me gain some new friends to encourage me along the way.

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